As you browse the Internet, you leave a record of your activities and important information in multiple forms. This recorder information is known as digital footprint or simply the Internet browsing history. Some of the forms/categories in which your information is stored are:

  • Search Engine History
  • AutoFill Form History
  • Cache and Cookies
  • Browser History
  • Download History
  • Login History

The names are self-explanatory and indicate the kind of details stored under each head. Most people prefer to clear Internet browsing history periodically, especially if they are using public or shared computer. It is not that you have something to hide, but it is always advisable to clear your browsing history in order to ensure that your personal details and browsing behavior don’t fall in the wrong hands.

You can clear your Internet browsing history by following simple steps as mentioned below:

How to Clear History on iPhone?

iPhone uses Safari as a default browser. For clearing your browsing history, tap on the Settings icon, go to Safari and tap ‘Clear History and Website Data.’ You can also ‘Clear Cookies and Data’ but that would imply entering your general information such as name, address, and other personal details once again.

If you have downloaded separate Google and Gmail applications, go to settings menu on that particular app and select ‘clear history.’ It will erase all your search and browsing history, resetting it to nil.

How to Clear History on Android Phones?

Though there are different browsers that you can install and use in an Android-based smartphone, there is a standard way to clear/manage browsing history. Go to settings in the phone and tap the Privacy option. Under that, select Clear Browsing Data. This option is present on the top right corner of the settings screen. A list will appear and you can select the types of data you want to clear.

Alternatively, you can clear the history from the browser app, google search and other apps that store user information.

How to Clear History on Google Chrome?

Chrome has a suite of applications that offer different features. These apps are available on both desktop/laptop and smartphone devices. More or less, the data and information on these apps can be centrally managed via History and Advanced Settings option.

You can clear your Internet browsing history from the Settings option under the Chrome app. Go to Settings by tapping on the three horizontal lines on the top right corner, tap on Privacy option, and select the information you want to clear – search engine, autofill forms, passwords, etc.

Are you still facing any problem while clearing your Internet browsing history on your cell phone, PC or laptop? Share with us your queries in the comment section below.